Industrial Vacuum Pumps.

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

We Supply & Service Edwards Vacuum Pumps.

Edwards Industrial Vacuum PumpsEdwards vacuum pumps are oil flooded sliding vane vacuum pumps built to the highest rotatory vane vacuum technology. Great care is taken to provide a reliable high-quality and efficient performance vacuum product. Edwards cover a range from 10 to 250 cubic meters per hour at 0.5 mbar. They are fully reliable in roots blower assemblies for higher flow rates.

Service and Maintenance

Edwards has taken a step in the right direction of vacuum pump design and started with ease of service to help with the speed of vacuum pump maintenance. We stock a wide range of back spares and offer 22 years of vacuum pump service experience with in-house service centers both mechanical and electrical.

Edwards Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pump and roots servicing center:

  • Edwards
  • Alcatel
  • Busch
  • Reitschle
  • Leybold pvr
  • Pneumofore
  • Becker
  • Telstar
  • All other brands are welcome as well as we try and assist you in any way possible.
Relevant Industries:

Edwards Vacuum PumpsEdwards vacuum pumps are suitable for a large number of industries. The pumps can also be Fomblin prepped for specialist gas industries that pump oxygen and other vital vapors. The relevant industries are:

  • Industrial applications
  • Hospital and medical
  • Refrigeration
  • Oil purification
  • Armature winding
  • Chemical process
  • Lab applications
  • Printing
  • Gas, fomblin & oxygen
  • Degassing
  • Central vacuum
  • Vacuum forming
Specialist Design:

Dedicated turnkey vacuum design can be offered for non-standard applications with both mechanical and full electrical and PLC design. Edwards units also have optional castor mount and come standard with isolation valve and glycerin filled vacuum gauge. Traps for solvents and liquids can be supplied with a mechanical or electrical policeman to avoid the out of sight out of mind costly damage control.

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