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Labeling Machines
World Class SA Manufactured.

Local automatic labelling machine manufacturers and supplier, TM Engineering and its team have been designing and manufacturing automatic labelling equipment since 1994. TM Engineering supplied and serviced equipment locally and internationally. Export is not new to the company. It has built a large customer base in Africa countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, the DRC, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe as well as Saudi Arabia.

A new range of equipment will benefit the South Africa and International market to have this high international standard of machines available at local prices. The latest range of labelling equipment is suitable for applying labels from 600 to 10 000 labels per hour. With print and apply also being an option through the range. Our mid and high range automatic labelling machines apply labels with an unequalled accuracy in the placement.

It has been engineered to be highly operator friendly and exceptionally simple to set-up for the South African conditions of doing up to six change-overs in a day. Operators will also find it a simple exercise to perform. Special attention has been given in the design to reduce day to day maintenance required on the machines; this makes it ideal for rural areas and the exports market.

TM Engineering works with approved technical partners nationwide to ensure national support. Contact us for more information regarding our automatic labelling machines.

Typical label applications:

  • Barcodes on Boxes or shrink packs, side and top
  • Round bottle labelling
  • Tapered round container labelling
  • Patch Labelling
  • Front and back labelling on flat, convex or concave containers
  • All the above applications are available in print apply options.
Single Head Wrap Around Labelling Machine

Single Head Wrap Around Labelling Machine

Double Head Wrap Around Labelling Machine

Double Head Wrap Around Labelling Machine

Our Labeling Machine Products include:
  • Single with wrap around
  • Double head labelers
  • Synchronised double head labelers
  • and view our product range and videos below

Automatic Labeling Machines

We are the sole importers and distributors of these Automatic Labeling Machines.

Labeling Speed:20-60PCS/min
Labeling Accuracy:±1mm
Applicable Product Diameter:20-200mm
Applicable Label Size:Length: 30-100mm
Width: 20-120mm
Label Length: 50-260mm
Label Width: 20-200mm
Voltage:200v 50hz
Machine Weight:1500w
Machine Size:1800*850*1350mm

Semi Automatic Labeling Machines
Product Diameter:15-120mm
Power:200V 50-60HZ
Labelling Speed:20-40pcs/minute
Min Labelling Size:W26*L25MM
Max Labelling Size:W150*L300mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter:75mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter:275mm
Machine Weight:25kg
Machine Size:650*345*450mm
Labeling Machines, Automatic Labeling Machines, Bottle Labeling Machines, Manual Labeling Machines

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