AC & DC Drives.

AC & DC Drives

Where do AC & DC Drives Fit in?
AC & DC Drives

Electric motors play an extremely important role in our everyday businesses and lives as they move and run basically everything we need for business and pleasure. All these motors run on electricity and in order to do their work, which is to provide torque and speed, they need the right amount of electric energy.

All these motors consume electricity to provide the torque or speed needed, if that torque or speed was too high or low mechanical controls are used to slow down, shift or control output, the result is inefficiency with a lot of wasted materials and energy. A motor speed should match exactly what is required by the process, without a better way to control the speed a lot of energy gets wasted and that’s not good for anyone’s business. An AC drive controls these motors to help save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

We are agents and distributors of Nidec high power modular AC Drives, the UNIDRIVE M Series is designed specifically for industrial applications.

Nidec AC drives (variable frequency drives or variable speed drives) provide world-class solutions to the widest range of applications and industries.

We install, program, simulate and test Nidec AC Drives. Contact us today for more information.

Unidrive M200 AC Drives
Being tied into one system can be restrictive. It can leave you trapped with one supplier even when there’s a better option available on the market. We provide a viable alternative.

Freedom to connect
Unidrive M200 connects with many of the common fieldbuses using the modular ‘SI’ interface port. It can communicate with SI-Ethernet, SI-EtherCAT, SI-PROFINET, SI-PROFIBUS, SI-CANopen and SI-DeviceNet. The AI-485 Adaptor option can also connect to RS485 networks using Modbus RTU.

Unidrive M400 AC Drives
Unidrive M400 minimizes downtime with an intuitive LCD display for rapid set-up and clear diagnostic help. The integrated PLC can execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic programs. Coupled with an impressive I/O count complete with two STO inputs and an SI interface for a fieldbus option or extended I/O, the feature set ensures Unidrive M400’s flexible integration with any system.

Unidrive M600 AC Drives
The M600 is the perfect choice for applications that require high performance open-loop control of induction or permanent magnet motors. SI-Encoder option modules are available for applications that require more precise closed-loop velocity and digital lock/frequency following of induction motors.

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