All Leading Brands.

We supply a wide range of different types of sensors from the leading brands in the industry. Our comprehensive range of sensors allows us to accommodate and supply each and every client. Our range of sensors include:

  • Miniature photoelectric sensors
  • Compact photoelectric sensors
  • Midsize photoelectric sensors
  • Full-size photoelectric sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Laser sensors
  • Temperature controllers

  • Part-sensing sensors
  • Measuring array sensors
  • Slot sensors
  • Analog output sensors
  • Vehicle detection sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • High-pressure wash down rated sensors

  • Optical touch button sensors
  • Registration mark sensors
  • Light gauging sensors
  • Intrinsically safe sensors
  • True colour sensors
  • Luminescence sensors
  • Remote amplifier sensors

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