PLC & HMI System Integrators.


T.M. Engineering are extreme specialists in PLC & HMI System Integrators. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. These devices are ruggedized microcomputers with hardware and software designed to perform industrial control operations. For example:

  • Automated packaging
  • Filling
  • Robots
  • Lighting
  • Smart buildings & applications
A PLC consists of two basic sections namely:

CPU (Central Processing Unit)
This device controls all PLC activity into the processor and memory system.

Input/Output Interface
This system is physically connected to field devices such as switches, sensors, lights and motors. It provides the interface between the CPU and the field devices (inputs and outputs).

Panel Builders:

We have a fully equipped panel building division with specialists in this specific area. This comprehensive division includes:

  • The design processes.
  • The supply of C.A.D drawings.
  • The layout processes.
  • The populate processes.
  • Wiring in and labelling processes.
  • Simulating and testing processes.

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